Awkward School Photos: Victoria

Here’s my entry to the Comic Creators for Freedom drive to raise money to end child slavery. 100% of the donations go to a charity organization dedicated to the abolition of child sex slaves and ending human trafficking.

I have a little girl who turned 4 years old today. Little girls should grow up with their families, skinning their knees on the playground, building lego towers, pretending to be a pirate and playing mommy to their dolls. When I try to imagine these little girls getting kidnapped, rapped and sold as sex slaves… well, I can’t. I can’t wrap my head around it. It is so horrific and evil that it seems to be just outside of what I can comprehend. I’ve lived a pretty blessed life and my wife and I try to give our little girl a better life than we had. One of my characters has experience personal tragedy that is hard to imagine. It has been difficult to write for her realistically.

If you’ve been reading The Mixed, you’ll know that Victoria saw her parents and almost everyone she knows murdered right before her eyes as a child. She then spent the rest of her childhood in combat training while she and the survivors where in hiding. I realize that it might be a little hard to relate to her because, at the time that all of this happened, she was in her insectoid form with the rest of the “Hive.” I felt that she was the most appropriate character to use in this drive, since she had such a huge tragedy in her early life that shaped her world view. I won’t go deep into this experience here, but as a child, I was in a car that pulled up behind the recent wreckage of an accident that ended up taking the lives of two of my brothers and putting my remaining brother and mom in a coma. I’ve drawn on these experiences to try to make Victoria a realistic character in this story.

Love 146, the charity mentioned above, seeks to rehabilitate children saved from these brothels and is working to end human trafficking and slavery. This image will be used in a series of images from hundreds of indie comic creators as a downloadable wallpaper for your computer. To get this wallpaper, all you need to do is donate on December 2. I’ll probably be tossing in some extras to the Mixed reader who donates the most amount of money or something.

This is my little way to get involved and try to make a difference. I would love it if you would think about your nieces, nephews, younger siblings, children and grandchildren and join me with whatever donation you’d like towards this cause. Stay tuned (via my twitter or my email sign up on the right) on how to donate on December 2nd.