I thought some of you might be interested in what I listen to while I’m drawing. A lot of it depends on what it is that I’m drawing, but I’ve been into instrumental stuff a lot lately and the Halo soundtracks are amazing. So, over on the left you can listen to some of these songs.

BTW, I’ve switched over to purchasing music from Amazon’s MP3 library. You get a DRM free MP3 and the prices are quite a bit cheaper than itunes and other services. Plus, they have an app that will stream the music on your phone, tablet, computer or even OUYA without storing it on your device and using up space.

All the links in this post are monetized, so if you click on them before purchasing something from Amazon, it means that you are awesome and fairies will sneak into your room at night and rub your feet.
(it also means that Amazon gives me a kickback and it doesn’t cost you anything at all)