A lot of panels and a TON of talking on this page… so I won’t bore you with stories of childhood pets like I did last week… I promise, there will be action, but at least it is not a ton of exposition like the previous pages.

Developing Victoria

So, there are a few things I hate in popular media today. One is that there are no real men anymore. Where’s this generation’s John Wayne? We usually have an extremely attractive wife paired with a fat moronic idiot of a husband. The “fat idiot and the super model” makes for some great tv and we’ve seen that show a million times since the 80’s. There are still dudes out there that respect women and are equal partners in a relationship. Instead we see a bunch of absolute morons providing comic relief as the pitied court jester of the family while mom holds everything together. Men should seek to respect and serve their women, but this does not mean that they need to be incapable of making a decent decision.

The other thing that I hate is the way that women are depicted. The media would have you believe that the female’s only value is as a weak-willed sexual object to be conquered or as a man-hating domineering person who never needs anyone in her life. Few and far between are the real women in today’s stories; women who have grown to be comfortable with themselves and don’t feel the need to be a sexual object or to go on a campaign to destroy everyone in their path.

I’m trying to write real people in this story. I think there are very real pressures on both men and women to fall into these rolls that the media is promoting. Many men sit back and become a lazy piece of crap and do not contribute anything and many women feel that they have two choices to be successful: they can burn their bra and rampage or they can use their body to get ahead.

I have a little three year old girl. I would like her to know that she can go out there and do whatever she would like in this world without having to play a role. She can be herself. She doesn’t have to dominate men or be subservient to them. I would like her to be able to relate to both men and women as people. I would like her to succeed or fail based on the skills and knowledge that she has cultivated, not based on her choice to wear a low cut shirt or discrimination lawsuits.

So, what on earth does all of this have to do with my comic? Well, I’m attempting to show realistic and honest portrayals of people dealing with these pressures. Some characters will succeed in finding a balance that works for them and others will not. This brings us to Victoria, the mighty Warrior Queen of the Hive. She is a strong woman both physically and mentally. She has trained and worked hard in her life. I want to write and draw heroines for girls to want to become. You’ll see soon that in her human form, she is very attractive. She could easily use her looks to get what she wants, but she hates to do this. She is also flawed. Sometimes she overcompensates so that she won’t be seen as being wrong or weak. She also has a fiery temper. You’ll see an interesting dynamic between her and Marty. Marty should be everything that Victoria is, and yet he avoids it and tends to take a back seat. Yaggi tells her that Marty is the one who needs to do certain tasks and yet, in Victoria’s eyes, he is either unable or unwilling. She hates and pities no one more than the coward. She does not fear death and would in fact welcome it in battle rather than sit idle.

Time (or the story) will tell whether or not Victoria matures enough to embrace her strength while respecting others or if she’ll let it consume her and those around her.

So, Victoria’s design did not come as easily as Yaggi’s did. Yaggi is our wise old man, our sage. Old, wrinkly, long white beard, done and done. Victoria on the other hand is a very complex character. She is also an insect and needs to be both feminine and strong. In fact, it took looking at A LOT of insects trying to figure out a way to make her look female without being dainty or frail. So, in the end, I made her a little bit human and a little bit insect… and had to steer away from some designs that started to look too much like luchadores.


Also, in the second to last panel, there is a hint to a significant plot point.