Ah, Yaggi.


It is very seldom that I nail a character on the first sketch. This guy was close. He looks a little too much like a Koopa Troopa in the first thumbnail. In the final iterations, he is much more angular, cracked and wrinkled. All in all though, he is basically the same.

This story is an homage to all of the wonderful stories of my youth. In many of these stories, there is an older father figure who is a little quirky and imparts his wisdom to the main character. He sets the moral stage for the story and guides the troubled youth into adulthood. Think of Yoda, Obi-Wan, Miyagi, Q, Mickey, Morpheus, Gandalf, Merlin, Dumbledore and on and on. I wanted a sage old man. Someone to help move the story along and advise Marty in his journey. We’ll learn more of Yaggi’s history in the comic, but he tells us that he is very old. I’ve heard turtles and tortoises can live for over a hundred years. In fact, growing up, we had a pet California Desert Tortoise as a pet. We figured that he was about 60 years old when we got him 20+ years ago. He’s still going strong and chillin’ in my parents back yard and eating whatever my dad tries to grow in his garden.


Anywhooooo, I figured that a tortoise would make for a very interesting “old man” character. They come standard with the wrinkles. They move slowly and are fairly physically vulnerable… and yet, they persist and survive. To me a creature that moves so slowly and lives so long, just seems to always be contemplating something. Anywho, this is Yaggi.