The end of chapter one
I started this comic October 2012. I’ve learned a lot and grown as an artist and a writer. I’d like to thank you all for sticking with me on this project. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. It sounds quite cheesy to say, but working on my own book, rather than someone else’s ad/product/shoot/project/commercial/etc, has been much more liberating than I would’ve expected. At the end of this book I will have created a body of work that is completely mine and guided by no one else’s voice. I already see glaring mistakes and a huge need for improvement in the art, but I set out to do this comic in the open with all of its flaws. If I was working on this in the dark and never showed it to anyone, then it would not be a risk. As it is, I have self-imposed deadlines to meet and the vulnerability of posting imperfect work with my name on it adds a very raw component to the art and a drive to improve. Anywho, it has been a very interesting experience. One that has made me quite passionate about “personal projects.” I feel like everyone, no matter your skills or interests, should be working on a personal creative project.

A little about the story
At the time of writing this, I have around 9 pages of chapter two lettered and a handful of those are inked. In chapter two the story opens up quite a bit and we start meeting a lot more characters and finding out a little more about some of the characters who have only showed up briefly. Marty is obviously being taken underground here and it’ll be fun to be introduced to the underground group of Mixed.

Many people have asked whether I know where this story is going or whether I write a little at a time and if it will end or go on indefinitely. Before I drew a single panel of this comic, I took quite a long time mapping out the entire story. Personally, I feel like this is the only way to write a story. If you have no idea where the story is going, then how do you set up the end of the story in act one? This story will be either three or four chapters. I don’t have all of the dialog written, but I have the plot down to the very last scene. The final scenes of this story are so visually complex, that I currently don’t have the skills to draw them, but as I’ve said, I’m getting better all the time and fully expect to be good enough by the time I get there.

Support this comic
I work on this every weeknight on my own. The cost of the hosting, advertising, art supplies, software, computer equipment and mostly my time, is thus far, completely out of pocket. I don’t anticipate making any money on this and frankly, I’d make better money per hour working at McDonalds. Here’s a way that you can help support this comic. As you are doing your holiday shopping, come here first and search for something on Amazon in that little box on the left. If you end up purchasing something on Amazon during that visit, then they’ll kick a small amount my way. This doesn’t cost you anything more than what you would spend anyway. If you’re in the mood to donate something, consider Heifer International. They are a very cool charity that sets people up with livestock that completely changes their lives in 3rd world countries. If that’s not your bag, I have a donate button on the left… supporting indie artists is cool too.

I’d love to hear from you.
I’m very interested in who my readers are and what you think of the comic so far. Leave a comment on any page or shoot me an email at comic[at]mixedhistory[dot]com even if you just want to say hi.

My little family and I have some huge changes coming up soon and we’ll be traveling to visit extended family during the holidays. With all of this, I’m planning on posting chapter two starting in January.

Have you gone back and read the story from the beginning yet? I’ve added some new pages at the start.

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