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Here we are at the end of Chapter Two. I’m going to be continuing this story, but it’ll take a little break from posting.

Here’s the thing, with my new job, family and comic, I’m able to keep up. Unfortunately, I have to add something else to the mix. I’m applying to schools to get my masters. If I add getting into a school and earning a Masters to the mix, something has to give. This comic is extremely important to me. I have come a long way in my art and writing since starting it. I will finish this story and weย have a ways to go until we get all the answers about the origin of The Mixed and why Marty was hatched when he was.
EDIT: I originally scheduled this page and wrote this post a few days ago. Since scheduling it, I have come to realize how difficult hitting pause in this comic is going to be. This may be the single thing in my life that I do right now that is just for me. I can see no real benefit to anyone else. I’m not trying to break into comics. I’m not trying to land a movie deal. I don’t make any money doing this. My family and friends do not benefit. I’m just telling a story because I enjoy doing it. I enjoy the process of creating. For those of you following this comic, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that there are a few people who care enough to drop by and spend a few minutes with my art and story.
So here’s the plan, follow me on Twitter (@corykerr) and/or subscribe to my email list over there on the right and you’ll know when I start posting again.

I’m still going to be working on pages and I’ll post work in progress shots on Twitter, instagram and flickr. My family is important to me and when it comes to a choice between them and something else, the choice is already made.

I could be wrong, maybe I’ll be able to maintain a page per week schedule and I’ll start all of this up soon. I would really like to hear your comments. Hit me up on twitter or comment on the pages here. You can also follow my main site at CoryKerr.com

Thanks for all of your support and mostly for enjoying the comic!

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