About the Artist/Author

My name is Cory Kerr. You can see some of the non-comic stuff I’m doing at CoryKerr.com.

Most comics are each produced by a lot of talented people, (especially those made by Marvel and DC). This independent comic is brought to you by me and me alone. I’m doing the writing, pencils, color, texture, lettering, editing, ect all myself. I’d love to have a team of people working on this, but right now, you’re stuck with me. I bring this up only to point out that I cannot produce 22 pages a month. My process is pretty intense and involves an amalgamation of analog and digital. All of the textures you see start out as watercolor paintings. The original art is hand drawn on paper. These elements are then brought into the computer and I color them, paint in highlights and shadows and add the lettering. I’m doing all of this in the evenings after I finish up with my day job. I love it. I’m excited to get home each day and get started on it. This is also the first comic I’ve done, so there’s a learning curve for sure. Sequential art is a lot more difficult than most people would think.

I will be posting at least page a week for as long as I can. It takes me a little longer than a week to complete a page. I currently have a stockpile of a bunch of finished pages. I’ll make sure to give you a head’s up if the posting schedule needs to change. I imagine a few months from now, that I’ll need to take a little break in the schedule while I catch up and build another stock pile of finished pages. I’m just telling you this up front so that you know what to expect.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Anything you could do to spread the word about this comic would be great and the karma fairies will send good vibes your way for supporting an indy artist. As you know, I’m doing this myself. I don’t have an unlimited advertising budget or a big publisher backing me. So, if you are enjoying it, it would be cool if you told your friends or something simple like tattooing the site on your forehead or spray painting on your car or something.