This is the REAL history of Earth’s Monsters and Mythological Creatures. Did you know that all centaurs, mermaids and werewolves had a common origin story?


One day, never-been-kissed Marty, is mysteriously transformed into a giant insect right after Victoria kisses him. This thrusts him into the middle of the conflict of groups of Mixed Creatures hidden from society. Marty does not like conflict.


Victoria, the Warrior Queen of a community of Mixed “Bugs” that everyone thought was wiped out years ago (The Hive), takes human form to transform Marty. She needs Marty to man up or the Hive really will end up extinct.


Yaggi, an old turtle who is either part robot or always in a robotic vehicle, is the wise sage who has the tentative trust of everyone on all sides of the conflict.